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JacquesDavy du Perron

Cardinal Jacques Davy du Perron (1556-1618) gave his name to the estate, the château and the nearby village, where his family had originated. Born in Saint-Lô, he was educated by an erudite father, who was a philosopher, theologian, mathematician and doctor, and who advocated the doctrines of the reformed religion.

A bishop, diplomat and poet, Jacques Davy du Perron was a close advisor of Henri III and then of Henri IV, whom he converted to Catholicism. He also signed the Edict of Nantes for the king. This colourful character was also a friend of poet Pierre de Ronsard, with whom he wrote poetry. He wrote the epitaph for his friend, as well as that of Mary Stuart, Queen of France and of Scotland, at the request of Henri III.

He became Archbishop of Sens before being appointed a Cardinal in 1604 and was French Ambassador to the Vatican. He spent the latter years of his life at Bagnolet, surrounded by the works of his favourite authors Montaigne and Rabelais.


“Gaudet orbis harmonia hac”

“He delights in the Earth’s harmony”. This motto is in tune with the mission of the château and is echoed by the three harps on the coat of arms, symbolic of joy and festivities.