The Orangerie

The Orangerie

The former stables were entirely restored and renovated in 2017.
This venue for receptions achieves the feat of combining light, comfort, aesthetics, versatility, practicality and high-tech equipment.

The space faces west and looks out over the Ronsard rose garden. It is versatile, elegant and pure, bathed with afternoon and evening light coming through the six large windows which retain the charm of the former openings.

This room, which remains timeless but has been renovated with great care, offers:

  • Practicality with modular spaces
  • Ease of guest reception with a spacious cloakroom
  • Easy technical set-up with high tech equipment
  • Underfloor heating providing discreet, unobtrusive comfort.
  • The 45m² kitchen area offers enormous work spaces, storage, reheating and washing facilities for caterers.

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