The château

The château

The château, built in 1860, is the emblematic building where your guests are welcomed and will be staying.
It transports you straight into the charm of its delicately preserved and tastefully enhanced 19th century atmosphere.
It’s a historic setting that is both relaxing and welcoming, making it easy to feel at home.

As soon as you come into the entrance hall, bathed with light like all the rooms in the Château, you’ll be drawn by the sense of spaciousness and the high ceilings.
The hall is at the foot of a majestic staircase that leads to 16 bedrooms over two storeys, the small drawing room, the vast cloakroom and the Cardinal’s reception room, flooded with light from a huge bow window and under the astute gaze of Cardinal Davy de Perron.

It communicates with the comfortable Ronsard room.

The small drawing room complements the two larger reception rooms: it’s the place to chat, welcome new arrivals, exchange….It’s visible, open and recessed at the same time, it’s where news gets whispered, unexpected and exciting surprises are prepared….and where schemes for fun activities, big or small, get hatched.

We continue to the English bar, the place to relax in company and enjoy a drink while setting the world to rights. The evening doesn’t end there, there’s a piano to help you continue the party!

Shall we go on? Push open the door to the billiard room which has the clubby atmosphere of a room for cigars and cognac ….

The rooms are brought to life by the constantly changing Cotentin light.
As the cosy fireplaces light up and crackle, the atmosphere of the rooms draws you imperceptibly into the art of living in the Château.

There are views from every door and window of the Château which are designed to be visual compositions of nature and colour, both day and evening: there is always something pleasing to look at, both inside and outside.

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