Outside areas

Outside areas

The Estate

The Estate entrance

The Château du Perron is invisble from the road. It is approached along a majestic tree-lined driveway, 700 metres long.

Arriving at the Château

Visitors arrive at a grass lawn from where they are directed to the Château, the Orangerie and the discreet car park hidden by trees, and they get a view of the formal gardens with two large boxwood mazes and a wall of pink and white Ronsard roses.

The 1 hectare (2 ½ acre) lake on the west side

The lake is situated behind the Château, edged by 23 hectares of woodland. In the centre stand the ruins of a building which contained the house of Cardinal Davy du Perron, who spent time here during the second half of the 16th century.

A few unofficial tenants have chosen to live here, including Bernard and Bianca, the pair of swans, and some handsome carp who bring additional life to the lake.

The Terrace

Located at the feet of the Château and on the edge of the lake, the terrace is ideal for a large-scale drinks party before sunset.

The woodland

23 hectares of woodland made up of a variety of species provide a quiet, natural and restful setting.

A walk is a must, whether romantic, botanical, energetic, meditative or mysterious……it’s up to you.

Open your eyes! While you’re here, you may well encounter kingfishers, egrets, cute squirrels, ducks or deer.

Hares and rabbits have their own clearly defined little domain…Work out why….


The Mazes

Master and Mister are two mazes occupying about 1,500m² each. They are almost outdoor châteaux with 1,000 corridors, sculptures made of plants, and are full of surprises:

  • Romantic theatrical settings for your photos
  • Huge areas where children can have fun and play
  • For adults they can turn without moving into stagings of strange and classic mysteries, or put you to the test with thrills!

The enclosed orchard

This is a poetic and strange place, open but half closed by walls on three sides, with the estate’s delicious fruits growing against the walls – peaches, apricots, quinces, apples, pears, plums….

This beautiful setting for strolling and games will soon become an area devoted to relaxation and amusement…

The project includes restoring the summer house in the orchard as a place to have afternoon tea…

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